Our Philosophy

For us, good farming starts below the ground - it depends on balance in the soil, and the rhythm of life within it. Beneath our feet is a vibrant and entirely other world, pulsing with life - energy that we want to welcome into our wines.

So naturally, nurturing connections below the ground is important to us. We try to maintain a healthy environment for mycorrhizal fungus and other soil life by practicing organic, no-till farming - leaving the soil as undisturbed as possible.  

Above ground, we're lucky enough to be able to step out our front door, take a few steps, and be in the vineyard. We live here. So we do our best to create and nourish a healthy environment - for the vines, for us, and for everything else in our little ecosystem. In order to do this, we try to use as little inputs as possible, to keep our environment pure.

We believe in empowering the vineyard ecosystem to activate its own natural self-defense systems. In the last couple of years we have begun experimenting with alternative sprays and integrating some biodynamic principles into our farming.

Grapevines have a knack for picking up what's special about a place and translating into the wines they produce - 'terroir'. So, our hope is that the energy we're trying to create in our soils and vineyards shows up in our wines.